League Of Legends Free Skins : How To Get Free LoL Skins

The popular moba by Riot Games, League of Legends was an idea of Marc Merill and Brandon Beck. These two were college friends studying at the University of Southern California. Both shared a deep passion for video games and came up with the idea for League of Legends [a.k.a. LoL] which would go on to become the most played online game ever!

The game finally released on 27th October 2009 with 20 champions in its roster at the launch. In this post, we will guide you on how to get free skins for LoL.

League of Legends and Skins – A Love Story

League of Legends [LoL] is a team-based RPG-MMO game where two teams of five players each face each other to destroy the other’s territory with an objective to secure kills, make impressive plays and blow up your opponent’s tower to pave your way to victory.

Now, it has over 140 champions to choose from. It is still the most played online game in 2020. Stick together as we briefly explain how to get League of Legends free skin.


When it comes to in-game skins, League of Legends free skins is a dream of every lol player. League has around 1000 champion skins to choose from with many more to come. Every player has their own favorite skin, whether it’s a new launch for their main or a fancy skin with some interesting animations.

So far, Riot Games promises to add more skins to the game at a more rapid rate than before.

How To Get Free Skins for LoL

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get free LoL skins. Though, don’t expect a free ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Legenadary’ skins. Most of the skins available in stock would be a common skin. There are some chances of getting your hands on an ‘Epic’ skin (if you are lucky enough).

Claim Free LoL Skin

Steps To Claim Your League of Legends Free Skins

1. Click here or on the button “Claim Free LoL Skins” above.

2. Navigate yourself to our tool through the link that lets you claim free skins for lol.

3. You will land on our tool as shown below.


4. Type your League Summoners ID on the left and select your account region on the right.

5. Then you will encounter a skin selection page. Select any 2 skins you want to claim.


6. Confirm Skin selection and proceed.

7. Our tool will then try to transfer the skins to your account. It will ask for some settings to confirm. Just press ‘y’ on the tool command line every time it asks a configuration.

8. Voila! You will get the skins in your account within 30 minutes.

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How Do We Provide Free Skins for LoL

You must be wondering “How the hell is this website providing a service that no one else can. League of Legends Free Skins is a myth! Bah! Here is how.

We are a provider for a Data Analytics company. Let’s call the company “abc” as we won’t reveal the name of the company for obvious reasons. The League of Legends developer, Riot Games was one of the customers of abc. Hence, they were provided with all the accounts data for League of Legends in order to perform data analytics on their player base.

For example, which country has the most LoL players, or at which time the game has peak count of players, and many more.


According to statistics, there are over 250 million accounts of League of Legends (Official Servers + Garena) players. Now many players quit playing League but their accounts are still stored on the database. Out of these players, there are quite few of them that have various skins on their account. Now if you are intelligent enough, rest of the story is pretty self explanatory.

Few Examples of Available Free Skins for LoL

Red Card Katarina

Katarina is one of the most contested mid-laner in League. She is a Noxian assassin and can be extremely deadly in combat. Katarina do not hang bang to complete her duty amid a whirlwind of lethal daggers.


High Noon Yasuo

Yasuo immediately became a popular pick among mid laners after its release in 2014. Yasuo is a flexible swordsman who wields in air against his rivals. The wind guides his deadly blade. He also has an exceptional lore which says:

“As a proud young man, he was falsely accused of murdering his master—unable to prove his innocence, he was forced to slay his own brother in self defense.”


Foxfire Ahri

Ahri is a champion who can convert her magic orbs into raw damage. She enjoys toying with her enemies by devouring them towards her. Even with her ravening nature, Ahri retains a sense of kindness as she receives a flash of memory from every soul she absorbs.



Every champion skin comes with its own distinct splash art. Some free skins for LoL also give champions different voice-overs, particle effects, and audio effects (their price varies respectively).

A new feature, chrome has also been added to the free skins League of Legends. But it only give a separate color code to an existing model. Therefore, enjoy this tutorial thoroughly to enjoy and claim your free skins in League of Legends.

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