Is Valorant Anti-Cheat Good Enough?

In this post, we will talk about the Valorant anti-cheat software called Riot Vanguard. Finally, we will answer ‘Is Valorant Anti-Cheat good enough to prevent in-game hacking/cheating’.

Riot (also known as ‘Rito’ by its fans) is back to release a new game after 11 long years. Yes, you read that right.

Riot is releasing a new game after eleven years with its last game being ‘League of Legends [LoL]’ which was a huge success in the eSports industry.

This time, Riot has come up with a competitive FPS Shooter called Valorant which has energetic gameplay of Overwatch and gun/movement mechanics of CSGO.

Valorant was in the beta phase for two months and was only playable in limited regions (most of America and Europe) only.

Moreover, to play the game you had to get a drop from twitch by watching a Valorant Stream for a minimum duration of 2 hours.

The game was finally released on 2nd June worldwide and is now playable across most of the regions.

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What is Riot Vanguard ?

Riot Vanguard is a security tool developed by Riot Games to maintain discipline in its newly released FPS Shooter Valorant.

Valorant is already setting records and has become extremely famous among popular streams and retired CSGO professionals.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Riot wants to keep this game strictly free from hacking to maintain its integrity.

To play Valorant, Riot Vanguard must be active and running. Without it, you can’t even reach the ‘Main Menu’ of the game.

How does Riot Vanguard Work ?

The software comprises of two main components:

Client: While the game is running, it operates all the anti-cheat detections. A player cannot play Valorant if the machine is not trusted.

The client helps in trusting the machine by recognizing the driver.

Driver: The driver works on the kernel level. The client uses the driver to validate the system state and memory. It also corroborates that client has not been tampered with.

It runs at system start-up preventing any user to load hacks before client initialization.

Kernel Level Architecture

One more major difference between the two is that Client is loaded on game start-up and the Driver is loaded as soon as your OS boots.

The software as a whole runs at Ring 0 of the windows kernel. In layman terms, it has the same rights as that of your administrator from the instant you boot your system.

Is Valorant Anti-Cheat Good Enough to Prevent Hacking ?

We can agree on one thing that any game cannot be 100% void from hackers. That is one downside of any online game you play because developing hacks of any game is a huge business in the hacking industry as you can make money off it.

There is rarely any online game that is completely free from cheaters and according to me, Riot is trying their level best to make Valorant one of those rare ones.

Pic Courtesy : talkesport

Although Valorant has a very strict anti-cheat, it is not enough to stop hackers from ruining the game experience.

The game has seen quite a few hackers since its release but the number is much lower than some popular titles like CSGO, Team Fortress 2, and PUBG.

Steps Taken to Make Valorant Free From Hackers

Hardware Ban

During Valorant’s closed beta, it was reported that a total of 10000 players were banned from the game.

Also, their method of the ban is reasonably stringent.Hackers are getting a hardware ban on their system.

Their entire system gets blacklisted by the game permanently. Therefore, even if they create a new riot account, it would not work as their mac address is already blacklisted.

Hacker warning message

Exploit Bounty

Furthermore, to make their anti-cheat more secure, Riot has offered to pay a bounty of $100,000 to any player who discovers exploits in their anti-cheat software.

So if you know anyone who excels in bug hunting, inform him about the opportunity to claim this sumptuous amount of money.

Is Riot Vanguard Safe ?

Valorant’s anti-cheat has raised suspicion among various players as it is a kernel that loads up on system boot.

The players are concerned about the software collecting personal information from their system. This issue was raised shortly after the release of Valorant beta.

Many players even went ahead to criticize Riot for installing such cynical software. So the question remains ‘Is Riot Vanguard safe ?’.

Riot’s chief of anti-cheat, Paul Chamberlain (known by the name ‘Arkem’ in reddit) even took on this issue and clarified that the software isn’t collecting any personal information about the players or their systems.

He also stated that it does not send any kind of information back to the Riot’s server.

Below is an excerpt from Arkem’s reddit post addressing the issue of Riot Vanguard’s security. Below is a screenshot of the full reddit post by ‘Arkem’.

Arkem Post Screenshot

“Yes we run a driver at system startup, it doesn’t scan anything (unless the game is running), it’s designed to take up as few system resources as possible and it doesn’t communicate to our servers. You can remove it at any time.”


Cheating has always been a major veto in the gaming industry. The hacking community is growing day by day and these cybercriminals are coming up with umpteen number of new and creative ways to find exploits in a game.

However, Riot is not entertaining such acts at all with the “no second chance” attitude by placing a hardware ban on the system.

Finally to answer ‘Is Valorant Anti-Cheat Good Enough’, we conclude that although the game may never be completely free from hackers, it is clear that Riot will be absolutely ruthless with them.

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