How to build a career on Ethical Hacking

Whenever we hear the term ‘Hacking’, we always tend to think of a cyber criminal which has evil intents. We imagine a spooky guy in a black hood, smashing some keys on his keyboard and cracking someones email account or social media.

Often, this is not the case. There is a difference between white hack hackers and black hat hackers. The guys we just talked about comes in black hat hackers. They illegally break the rules of the internet and trouble the netizens of this world.

In this post, we will talk about what ethical hacking is and how to build a career on ethical hacking.

Ethical Hacking Explained

On the other hand, white hat hackers are those which protect the networks and strengthen the security of various corporations. They also protect the networks from black hat hackers. This field of hacking comes under ‘ethical’ hacking. In this post, we are going to talk more about ethical hacking and how to build a career in ethical hacking.

The process of piercing a network or a system by discovering a weak spot that could be made use of is termed as ethical hacking. Its main goal is to improve the defence of a company or an organization.

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Miami Credit Card Theft

Who can forget the biggest fraud in the United States history. A person named Gonzales from Miami stole over 10 million debit card and credit card numbers from more than 200 financial institutions in 2009.

He accomplished the notorious attack by hacking the payment card network of various stores. The famous convenient store 7-Eleven was also a target of this attack.

Need for Ehtical Hackers

Due to attack like these, you can now measure the importance of cyber security. The most sought after position in this field is of ethical hackers. These are security experts who can make and break the network of an organization.

Hackers who can penetrate the network and find potential vulnerabilities in the organizations network. For the coming age, data is the most precious item of every person.

Hence, to protect this data, we need people like ethical hackers to build a line of defense against data thefts.

How to become an Ethical Hacker

There are a list of topics that you need to learn before becoming a successful ethical hacker.

Some of the crucial subjects include:

  • Penetration testing skills
  • Functional Programming Language
  • Computer Networks

The CEH is the most popular program to become an ethical hacker. It is an abbreviation for Certified Ethical Hacker. It helps you to learn all the essential skills required. The program makes sure to cover each and every topic in detail and leaves no stone unturned.

Objectives of Ethical Hackers

  • To find out and keep testing new methods to penetrate in to a network.
  • Come out with techniques to improve the current network security.
  • Work with other security experts to discuss the security requirements and needs.

Stages of Ethical Hacking

  1. Setting a Goal and its scope.
  2. Studdying the target.
  3. Finding vulnerabilities in the target network.
  4. Exploit the target
  5. Document the process


According to recent surveys, an average Certified Ethical Hacker earns around $100,000 a year in the US.

It is predicted that the IT job sector will grow by 31% till 2025. The driving factor of this prediction is the increase in network threats online.

These days almost every business has a website. Therefore, to protect the world wide web from vulnerabilities, we need an air tight security. This can only be achieved by hiring an ethical hacker.

Hence, building a career in ethical hacking can prove to be extremely useful in the coming future

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