Free CSGO Skins : How To Get Free Skins in CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based first-person shooter game that that was released in 1999, but still, it has a massive market for weapon skins, and everybody wishes to acquire free csgo skins.

Two teams (CT: Counter Terrorist and T: Terrorist) take part in several rounds of objective-based game styles intending to win the game. In this post, we have briefly explained how to get free csgo skins.

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CS:GO comprises new characters, maps, and guns and refurbished versions of the timeless Counter-Strike maps such as Dust 2, Train, Inferno, Nuke, and much more.

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Moreover, CS:GO introduces brand new game styles such as Wingman, Arms Rush and Flying Scoutsman along with the most famous Competitive mode (abbreviated as ‘Compi’ by the CSGO fans) which has a skill ranking.

These game modes have created an enormous player community making CSGO one of the most substantial e-Sport subjects across the globe!

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What Are CSGO Skins?

CSGO skins are virtual items that can be bought from the community market and equipped in-game.

Skins are also referred to as finishes, are a new feature in CSGO. They were introduced in the Arms Deal update.

CSGO skins are the same weapons with different models that can be enabled in-game and are entirely superficial with no in-game advantage.

CSGO Skin Market Explained

Today, CSGO’s weapon skin market is as grandiose as it can get. The skins are most beautiful in fashion, they are weird, they’re bright, and sometimes they’re very costly.

A number of us do not care for them very much, but a much larger player base does. They have been a remarkable success in the industry.

The rarest knives in the steam market sell for around $10,000.

That is why people are always searching about how to get free csgo skins or can you get csgo skins for free. Because of this trend, trading and betting websites are arising all around the world.

CSGO Skin Market

I am going to be direct with you; I love the weapon skins. I’ve spent a humongous amount of money on case keys for stupid boxes.

Many people who understand the CSGO market perform well in it. They make money by withholding cases until they are discontinued and skyrocket in cost.

CSGO’s skin market is a fascinating thing.

Back in my good ol’ days, I opened a digital case, and I got a knife. The first thought that came to me was to rush to some online skin trading website and bargain it for a better knife.

Back then, I was always looking for something rarer, something cooler. That’s the impact the CSGO skin industry have had on me.

Way to Acquire a CSGO Skin

  • Find them by random drops you get when playing in an official valve server.

  • Open the crates / digital boxes you have, and you will get one random skin. (Though, the chances of getting a rare skin is not possible using this method.)

  • Trade ten common skins for a super rare skin in several trading websites online.

  • Trade with other CSGO players. You can also buy skins from the Steam market.

  • You can also develop your free CSGO skins trading website.

Now we will answer the question we all have been asking, “How to get free csgo skins ?”.

How To Claim Free CSGO Skins

Now you must be wondering “Can you get csgo skins for free ?” or maybe “How to get free csgo skins”.

Well, the answer to both these questions is “YES !” (for time being). We have recently partnered with a service through which you can claim some free csgo skins.

Don’t expect to get a free “AWP – Dragonlore” or “Butterfly Knife” from this service everytime. Although, you can try your luck for some low tier skins like “M4A4 Buzz Kill” or the “USP-S Guardian” using our free giveaway service.


The list of available skins are updated on a regular period according to their supply. Below, we have explained step-by-step how to get free csgo skins.

Claim Free CS:GO Skin

Steps To Claim Free CSGO Skins Using our Service

  1. Navigate to the forum through the button above or by clicking here.

  2. Select a skin of your choice from the available set of skins.

  3. Enter you stream trade URL in the mentioned box. [P.S. This step in important as stream trade URL is necessary for receiving a skin]

  4. After completing the above step, the process should complete and it take around 10 to 15 minutes for the skins to show up as free trade in your inventory.

Preview of Some Free CSGO Skins Available

AWP – Pit Viper [Well Worn]
USP-S – Guardian [Field Tested]
M4A4 – Evil Daimyo [Field Tested]

How Does This Service Works ?

Before using our service, you must be thinking how is this even possible. How are we providing free csgo skins to hundreds of players out there? Well, our service works on a simple principle.

Our sponsor has partnered with four of the largest csgo skin trading websites. We can’t name them as we are not allowed to reveal their identity as a part of this agreement. But I will go on to tell you the process.

As you know, there are millions of skins put up by various users every month on these trading websites. We did some analysis and found out that about 5% of the users are unable to make any trade.


Out of this 5 %, quite a few of them forgets about the skin they put on the website for sale. Some of them even quit CSGO and forget about them.

These skins just lay around in the website, taking up server storage and clustering the system. So to allow new active users to sell their skins on these websites, site owners want to get rid of the inactive users and their skins. What do they do ?

No points for guessing, they give few of their useless free CSGO skins to us every week in return for 10% of this blog’s revenue.

Here, useless skins are determined by the condition that the skin owner has not logged in their website for at least six months.

They retain some of the inactive skins for security because by chance if any user turns up even after six months or more, they have some backup skins to present him/her.

CSGO Skin Quality Tiers [from Lowest to Highest]:

  • Battle-Scarred
  • Well-Worn
  • Field-Tested
  • Minimal Wear
  • Factory New

For the majority of the skins, the prices increase as we move down the list. Factory new is a brand new skin with most of the textures visible on the weapon while battle-scarred is the most worn-out skin with hardly any textures present on the gun.

How Do Free CSGO Skins Trading Sites Work ?

These sites are incredibly straightforward to utilize. First thing you ought to do is assess if you’re on a trusted website and perhaps not on a fake website. It is possible to be certain you’re on the ideal URL by checking our lists. After this, you must sign in with the steam account which holds your CSGO skins. This step is secure, and you also don’t need to stress on it!

CSGO Trading Site Preview

Afterwards, you have to choose what skins you would like to exchange in your collection. After you have selected the skins you don’t want, select the skins that you would like to transfer from the CSGO trading bot’s stock. Then you can confirm the transaction, and the skin would be delivered to your steam inventory within 1 – 7 days depending on the trade lock

Ways To Be Safe Using Free CSGO Skins Trading Website ?

There are some essential things that you would want to follow while exchanging skins in those reputable CSGO trading websites to keep your skins safe. The most common trap people get caught in is getting fooled by a phishing link for free CSGO skins trade. To stop that, you want to be 100% positive that the website you’re on is legit and trusted.

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